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Дизельный двигатель Weichai
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Excellent and advanced transmission and hydraulic systems
Fixed axle hydro-electric transmission with four forward gears and three reverse gears, and KD function, ensures convenient operation and high work efficiency. Load sensing full hydraulic steering and pilot control system ensures convenient and flexible operation and reliable performance.
The reliability of the hydraulic system is improved by using hydraulic accessories of high standards and new technologies in the industry. Mounted with new plate-fin type aluminum water tank and hydraulic oil radiator, it has high heat dissipation efficiency.

High strength structural Parts
Unique 8-linkage working device and vertical boom cylinder offer big lifting force and breakout force; double box structure boom has high anti-torque ability and high load bearing ability, which ensures stable lifting and good vision.
It adopts ultra heavy duty cylindrical roller bearing for the hinge joint of the frame, which features big hinge span, high strength, strong load bearing capacity, and good stability. With finite element analysis and other methods, it reduces the stress concentration area, and thus the machine can be more adapted to harsh working conditions.
It adopts special wet drive axle for large tonnage telehandler, which offers big brake torque and ensures brake safety and reliability.

Wide range of operations

The 4WD drive provides great traction force, in addition to high ground clearance chassis and large departure angle counterweight, it can climb easily and can be adapted wot various complicated working conditions.
Adapted to modern exploration technology, it can easily pry and load the rough stone blocks, which reduces labor cost and labor intensity.
Equipped with special bucket, it can be used for land grading, stack rough stone blocks, and the loading is more safe and convenient.

Spacious and comfortable driving space
The capacious panorama cab uses four point elastic suspension and silicon oil shock absorption device for more comfortable and safe operation.
The covering parts all adopt automobile electrophoresis primer treatment technology, which can effectively prevent rust.
The interior uses composite materials, and is mounted with luxury seat, air conditioner, reverse camera as standard, providing a comfortable and beautiful work environment.
The cab adopts sound-absorbing materials to reduce noise, and the floor mat is soundproof; the operating device is arranged reasonably for convenient operation.

Energy-efficient power system

The electronic control high-pressure common rail engine meet the national Ⅲ emission standards.
The air intake heating grille effectively solves the problem of low temperature start; fuel filtration system, pump oil heating, water removal filtration, etc.
The frame support bracket effectively reduces the structural fault of engine gear room and bracket;
The common rail electronic control fuel injection technology reduces engine noise and greatly reduces emission of exhaust gas.
Mounted with intercooler, it reduces the air temperature after pressurization, improves the intake efficiency, reduces the combustion temperature, and reduces the NOx content in the exhaust gas;
Customers can select from three power modes: “heavy load”, “medium load” and “light load” according to different working conditions to achieve fuel economy and consumption reduction.

Convenient and economic maintenance

Side-open hood side door, enlarged maintenance space; reasonable pipeline layout ensures easy disassembly and repair.

Highly reliable braking system
Kessler wet brake drive axle has high bearing capacity and good braking performance, which is safe and reliable.

The 29.5R29 engineering radial tire for heavy load conditions has great bearing capacity and can be adapted to various complicated working conditions.

Mounted with dual pipeline full hydraulic service brake and emergency brake system, and originally imported brake components, it has big brake torque and high reliability.

Optional components

Special bucket, tire protection chain.

Note: The front wheels must be mounted with tire protection chain for longer tire life, and it is prohibited to make long-distance loading operation on rough roads, in order to extend the machine life.

Standard configuration

Weichai Power WP12 National III electronic control low revs engine.
Hangzhou Advance fixed axle hydro-electric transmission.
Beilian hydrodynamic transmission.
Huachen wet brake drive axle
Pilot control.
Luxury seat, sunshade curtain, silk enclosure mat, air conditioner, etc.
New type water tank, intercooler, torque converter oil cooler, hydraulic oil cooler.
New type waterproof connector harness, intelligent instruments, fuel sensor, GPS.

Описание Parameters Ед.
Эксплуатационная масса 45000 кг
Макс. Нагрузка (вилка от Земли ≤1600мм) 42000 кг
Расстояние центра тяжести 900 мм
Макс.высота подъема 3200 мм
Размер вилки 1800×280×155 мм
Общий размер (Д х Ш х В) 10500×3650×3950 мм
Мин. Радиус разворота 9550 мм
Мин. Дорожный просвет 480 мм
Колесная база 4565 мм
Угол вылета 20 °
Макс. Тяговое усилие 340 кН
Скорость движения Передний I переключение передач 0~6/0~10 Км/ч
Передний II переключение передач 0~22/0~32 Км/ч
Задний I переключение передач 0~6/0~10/0~22 Км/ч
Мощность двигателя 247 кВт
Емкость топливного бака 450 Л
Емкость гидравлического масляного бака 320 Л
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